New installation: Can't add shortcuts to taskbar

Brand new to the OS, several days ago, I came over from Linux MInt. I used to have two taskbars, with open programs aross the bottom and all my program shortcuts launched from a taskbar at the top of the screen.
I can create the 2nd top of screen taskbar easy enough, but still can’t figure out how to add shortcuts to it. Dragging icons over it does nothing. Opening Panel Edit mode does nothing either.
Right clicking and Add To Panel only adds them a the bottom panel.
How are shortcuts added to the top or side panels?

Also, I can only have one instance of Firefox. If I click the shortcut again on the bottom taskbar, it doesn’t open another window, it just toggles the same window off and on. I can’t fathom why anyone would want this feature, but I can’t find any way to change it. Can anyone help? Thanks appreciated!

When you have added the panel you need adding widgets to the panel - e.g. the Panel Launchers widget.

For the short term, press ctrl + n to open a new window in firefox. I can’t fathom why anybody would want to click something twice when a keyboard shortcut would suffice :wink: Not familiar with cinnamon but isn’t there a option the edit this shortcut and set it to open a new window/? Maybe ctrl + left click?

firefox -new-instance should open a new session if you chose another profile with it or it pops up a warning
Is that what you are looking for a new session with a 2nd profile?

Off topic …
When you get in habit of using keyboard - it is impossible to change back.

I got hooked on the keyboard with Openbox VM but I have created a setup with compiz VM and I this VM does indeed not get the attention it deserves - I have even thought of creating a test spin based on Manjaro - see if others can get hooked as well

Just booted up a live cinnamon iso.
ctrl + click starts a new window. so that’s your option if you want to click for a new window.

You can change these setting in the grouped windows list when right clicking on the icon and selecting preferences -> configure.

You end up in a grouped windows list window with a tab General.

The option is under behavior of the left / middle click actions.

Is this was you where looking for @jeffjot?

From that I can tell with a quick look around the live ISO, you have to add a applet called a Window list or Grouped window list. That is a container for apps to be ’ held’ in. Then you can move the apps by dragging the icons.

Hanzel is right about Firefox, in addition you can “Right Click” on the icon and it will give you more options.

To add a shortcut to your panel, go to your main Cinnamon menu and “Right Click” on any application and click “Add to panel”.

If you want to add a shortcut to the Favorites menu (the icons on the left side of the Cinnamon Menu, also “Right Click” on any application from the Cinnamon Menu and “Add to Favorite”.

When you have added the panel you need adding widgets to the panel - e.g. the Panel Launchers widget.>>>

OMG!! Perfect that did it
And read the other replies thanks

I can’t fathom why anybody would want to click something twice when a keyboard shortcut would suffice >>

Yes I guess that goes right down to personal taste. I didn’t know about the keyboard shortcuts, but I do like to have all the shortcuts visible across the top of the screen. I should talk about using keyboard over mouse, I still use VI lol
The Panel Launchers widget automatically dropped in a Firefox shortcut and that opens new windows, so that was solved too. Like Toyota used to say, “Who could ask for anything more…”
Although the control-Click for new window is pretty slick

I also added the Grouped Window List, it looks identical to the other widget.
However neither of them seem to allow you to drag and add icons from the main desktop, or to add new shortcuts. Add To Panel always adds them to the bottom taskbar only.
Is this a setting that needs to be changed? Because I don’t see it anywhere.

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OK I found a way to do it, but it takes forever.
First, find the program under the Manjaro main Menu, right click and Add To Desktop.
Then right click the Desktop icon created, click Properties and copy the executable.
Then, right click on the Panel Launcher, left click ADD and paste the executable under Command.
Enter the name.
Then use Snapshot and copy/save the icon as a picture, and do reverse image search in Google. Find the icons picture and save.
Then go back and right click Panel Launcher shortcut–> Edit. Click the picture of the rocket, and change it to your saved photo

It gets the job done for now.
I wish you could just drag and drop executable icons from the desktop onto the shortcut panel like you can in Windows though :frowning:
If anybody knows how to set this up to work, let me know.

Actually you should be able to just drag and drop applications from the menu into the panel (panel launcher applet). Works fine for me:


That’s it! That worked. I didn’t even know you do that, thanks.
But you do have to have Grouped Window List or Panel Launcher installed first. Otherwise it turns into a Family Feud strikeout X everywhere

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Yepp, right. You need some applet that can host the launchers you are dragging over. Plain panel does not do it.

I’m surprised there isn’t an option “Add a container to hold the shortcuts” when you right click on a new shortcut panel, since its required for it to work. No clues left around. Oh well.
I’ve played a lot of escape games online. This would have been the point where I cheated lol

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