New install - logitech mouse doesn't work

Hello I just did a new install of Manjaro

Despite having the logitech unifying receiver seen by lsusb i cannot get my mouse to work at all.

I installed solaar but is doesn’t seem to recognize the receiver at all?

During live boot from usb key i could get solaar to show the receiver if i started it using sudo, but now nothing show (sudo or not).

Mouse works fine using the same receiver in windows btw

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What Logitech mouse?

Please post the output of the following while the Unifying Receiver is connected:

lsusb | grep Logitech

Please also see [HowTo] Request support

Never run applications as sudo. If they require elevation, they will prompt for it.

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Are you using the 6.3 kernel? There is a known issue: FS#78427 - Since kernel 6.3.1 logitech unify receiver not working properly.