New Hp Envy laptop 11th gen i7 error "device UUID" not found- not supported?

Dear friends, i just bought an new hp envy laptop with 11th gen i7 cpu and nvidia mx450 gpu (new this year too), so i installed using Architect, reboot the computer and it gives me an error:

“device UUID=…” not found, skipping fsck
mount: / new root can’t find… can’t access tty…

please see link

thankyou for your help,
could it be the new gpu? or that its an new i7 11th gen computer?
i’ve alos tried installing on debian and i it doesn’ work on there too, i’m starting to think maybe its because of new hard ware,

Welcome at the forum, @tonz :tada:,

boot into a live ISO, mount your system partition and check the /etc/fstab file in your system partition. It could be that your root partition UUID is set wrong there. Check it by sudo blkid for example. If needed correct the file and reboot. If you are unsure what to do post the /etc/fstab and output of blkid command here.

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