New graphics card - Nvidia T400 or GTX 1650 - driver

I need a new graphics card for my workstation.
Nvidia T400 or GTX 1650 - both with 4GB RAM.
Which drivers do work with the T400 ?
Nouveau or the Nvidia driver ?


Check Nvidia website to know which drivers is compatible with your card in the “supported products” tab of each driver.

That makes no sense to buy an Nvidia card to then use it with Nouveau driver, you better buy an old AMD card from 10 years ago you probably will have better performance.

The Nvidia driver is the same for the Quadro T400 and the GTX 1650.

So, does the Nvidia driver shipped by Manjaro, support the Quadro T400 ?

This is the same driver used either for GTX 1650 or T400

Click on the “Supported product” tab.

Manjaro ships the 510 and 470 drivers.

The Nouveau driver will work with almost all nvidia cards but you will get much better performance with nvidia drivers. For basic usage nouveau will be fine but you’ll get pretty poor gaming performance with nouveau drivers

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