New deepin APP store arch Linux and manjaro

That’s it guys, for those who follow Twitter know about the recent project of @dekzi

He is creating an alternative to pamac only in a dtk version

For more information: https: //

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just a question, it still hasn’t reached the manjaro repositories because it hasn’t been a week yet

You can find it in testing and unstable branch. Most likely the next stable update will come in January.


FYI: In the meanwhile deepin-store reached Manjaro stable and is available at pacman.
I gave it a first look, it’s quite an interesting approach to observe.

EDIT: In my opinion it is especially very helpful interesting for less professional “standard users”, that makes the Deepin Desktop more accessible in case of installing additional software. I really mean users, that just use it to write letters and surf the web … so I might be able to recommend it even to that users in future.