New dark theme for the forum available

one way: use content-box for move background and add ::before with image

.footer:before {
    content: "";
    background: url('transparent.svg') transparent repeat-x top left;
    background-size: auto 200px;
    position: absolute;
    left:0; top: 0;
.footer {
    background-clip: content-box;
    padding-top: 200px;
    position: relative;

or insert html div in template as first child in footer div or use above-footer connector

Sorry guys. But could someone please tell me how to enable this dark theme…

Profile > preferences > interface > theme

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The Dark theme is the best :+1:

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I already miss the other dark theme not available anymore.

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I have no idea how that other one was like, but i guess you could create an issue at the repo with what you like to be changed (link to repo is :arrow_heading_up:)

PS: Thanks to your reply i just noticed this thread :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I might as well do what i just suggested wrt my own post: :sweat_smile:

There was another dark theme, it disappeared yesterday.

It was the official Discourse dark theme. I liked it too. I preferred the blue accent instead of the green. I guess we’re back at crafting our own modification from external browser plugins.

@codesardine - maybe we can keep more themes to be accessible for members ?


I miss the dark theme too. Just disappeared and reset me to the default light theme yesterday.

The old dark theme is discourse default, has no manjaro branding, I think one dark theme is enough.

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I think the point is some people want something dark … without all the extra fluff.
I didnt really want the default dark… but close to it, turned teal, with some mods to not have stark white at the bottom and such. (so I added some css)

Now we only have the option of this material dark that has extra spacing, larger buttons, other format changes, the cityscape imaging and the, to me anyways, intrusive-feeling ‘multi-tone arrow banner’ at the top.


I see no problem with having more themes, as long as they don’t require much maintenence.


People will complain for whatever branding or graphical additions. They will always point what they dislike, with no much mention of better alternative, nor objective justification of it, and this “personal taste” will always create frictions …

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I second this. Nice as the new forum theme is, I prefer the older one that was removed. This one feels a little busy for my tastes.

Could always put it to a vote to see which of the dark themes people prefer…

why do you say that? I gave 3+ examples and even wrote my own alternative…

I subjectively think the arrows at top are not to my liking…
but I also have a pretty strong feeling that its objectively ‘too busy’ as well.


I wasn’t talking about you, and where i can see that alternative? Thanks!

@codesardine - @Chrysostomus
We should provide a theme with no banner and no custom background for footer, and members be able to chose color-schemes they like. There are a few already, and we could make a few based on community members feedback. Regarding the style, we could have the default discourse one and those that prefer materia to have that.

I have no objections, but a long backlog. I can do it as some point, but if someone else had the time first they are welcome to do so.

I am not sure this is the final version I was using, but nonetheless…
I was just injecting this onto the ‘basic dark’: