NetworkManager.service not found

I am trying to run exe game on manjaro so I run it by “Wine” but i found a problem in LAN
“unable to create game for tcp/ip games,you should connect to the internet before open it”
So i think this problem because networkmanger is not found
if anyone know how to avoid this message or setup networkmanger.service

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What game? Why did you not tell us to begin with?

Highly doubtful. Please edit your topic title to be clear and concise about the actual issue, not what you imagine it might be.

Please also edit your post to include more information.

Please see:

I have no idea how to configure wine networking, but at least you can easily check if the problem is there or in your game. Open c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe and ping
You can also see if the IP adress is ok with ipconfig /all

ipconfig is no more and neither is /all its ip now

I just tested it. But my wine 9 is in bottles , maybe that makes a difference.

You could start by spelling the service name correct - I have corrected the spelling in topic title.

systemctl status NetworkManager