NetworkManager.service dead

I installed Manjaro Plasma a week ago and everything was fine until I did the last update. (Although, I’m not 100% sure if the update had something with that issue but I also didn’t see any similar problems before it.)

I have an issue with NetworkManager.service daemon not starting after boot. And also, I have to wait for a minute to be able to log-in.
I can then start that NetworkManager.service manually and then I have internet (I’m using a USB wifi card.)

I searched a little bit if someone had similar problems and I found this topic on the archived Manjaro forum and tried that solution. I tried to comment in line with “group” and now everything works OK.

But I would like to know what exactly I did by changing that line in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file and what consequences I might have in the future because of that “customization”. Is there a better solution for the problem I have with NetworkManager process?

I would appreciate your help people, thanks in advance!

Instead of this line:
group: files [SUCCESS=merge] mymachines systemd
I wrote this line inside /etc/nsswitch.conf file:
group: files [SUCCESS=merge] mymachines

It works now. Can someone explain what did I loose with this remove of the “systemd” parameter?

Looks like this unresolved issue could be the cause of it all:

I see this on my machines as well and have the same workaround in place.

Thanks for the link @freggel.doe !

This answer from the link you shared is the solution for now.

@philm I think this should be configured as a default for people that are experiencing issues like I do. If I need to give more info, feel free to ask.

I just ticked a box in settings.

What do you think by that?