NetworkManager IPSec (strongswan) issues - is editing the ipsec.conf possible?


I have some trouble with the strongswan plugin of the Networkmanager. I got things running, but only with a small workaround.

I cannot change the rightid NetworkManager uses. It defaults back to the “CN=…” which is taken from the certificate. I have access to the server and added it as a second connection, but I would rather just fix it on my Manjaro. I tried editing /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/myVPN.nmconnection, but seemingly it is not directly used (maybe I would have needed to restart something?); in any case while playing around with the file I noticed, that I also cannot change the password I used ages ago when testing something, nor remove it (both via the gui!). It just always reset to the old password and I could not connect until I set up a completely new connection, which then worked…

Would be curious for any ideas or suggestions on how to use more detailed settings than the gui provides, thanks. :slight_smile:

Detailed you ask?