Networkmanager-fortisslvpn disappeared after update

I was using networkmanager-fortisslvpn and after today’s upgrade it is gone. The whole plugin seems to be gone for good. What is happening?

The AUR version is not working and I need the one in extra repo.

The package has been dropped to the AUR because

Upstream seems to be virtually dead and it does not work with the
current ppp and openfortivpn packages.

Move networkmanager-fortisslvpn to the AUR - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories


One more warning:

FortiSSLVPN/OpenfortiVPN does not work anymore after the upgrade to PPP 2.5.0 … have a look at ppp 2.5.0 breaks networkmanager-fortisslvpn and openfortivpn / Pacman & Package Upgrade Issues / Arch Linux Forums

Working workaround (at least for me) - uncomment ipcp-accept-remote in /etc/ppp/options

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Thanks. I did so an via this was able to connect:

sudo openfortivpn hostdomain:port -u uname

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