Networkmanager can't start VPN, fails to save password

A problem just popped up. I guess it was caused by the stable update of August 22 or 28.

I can’t get Networkmanager to connect to my work-vpn anymore. The VPN worked fine before. I did not change anything related to networking or the VPN.

When I open the VPN-configuration through Networkmanager, I see that the field for the password for the private key is empty. When I enter the password and click ‘Apply’, the password is not being saved and hence I cannot connect to the VPN.

When I start the VPN from the command line and manually enter the password, the VPN-connection starts normally and works fine.

Conclusion: OpenVPN and my VPN config are fine, and Networkmanager developed amnesia.

How to proceed fixing this problem?

DE is Cinnamon.

The NetworkManager saves the passwords with the gnome-keyring. You should search there for problem. Is it installed?

Thanks for the reply! Yes, gnome-keyring is installed.

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Okay… Networkmanager works again, for some reason. Previous reboots didn’t fix the problem, but now, after another reboot, the VPN connects again through Networkmanager.

Marking this as solved, even though I don’t know how or why…

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