Network will not start upon user login in KDE

Hello everybody and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My problem may be related with KDE, network or even kernel, I’m still nor sure.

In my office I have Manjaro installed, all updates usually done.I have to work online last months and I’ve faced strange problem:

I had to restart my comp during online session, and after it I cannot connect - IP address was unavailable. In BIOS it’s “Start after power on”, so it SHOULD start.

I had to come to office. Comp was booted and waiting for login. Ping from other comp in same network - not reachable. After I entered my password and it’s logging in, network is alive.

So it seems that until user login network service is not started? Why?

I found temporary soluton - auto login and lock session in some minutes… but it’s definitely not a good solution.

Is there any way to make network service start BEFORE (or independent) of user login?

Any help highly appreciated.

How is it connected?

If it WIFi then of course it only connects after login because it needs to read the user defined secret (password).

Ethernet shouldn’t have this problem.

With “Start after power on” you mean Wake on Lan? That doesn’t work with WiFi.

The service “NetworkManager” starts within the Just before a login-screen is visible.

Sorry for late reply :wink:

It’s ethernet, not wifi.
And it’s a desktop, not laptop. There’s no WiFi hardware at all :wink:

When I restart comp, it even didn’t answer ping before I login.
Of course its not related with “Wake on LAN”.

Is in the settings of the NetworkManager

  • automatically connect
  • available to all users