Network Synergy Between Wireless and Ethernet

Hello friends, is there a way to use both wireless and ethernet at the same time? Here at my place the wireless signal is very strong and not many people use it, I’m using a cable and I want to also use wireless at the same time to increase speed.

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Yes it is and it is called bonding of network interfaces.

Some general information about bonding ethernet and wireless

A example for systemd-networkd

But keep in mind that it does not automatically make your network faster.
If you download a file with one connection, it is only as fast as your Ethernet or WiFi link. And of course if you download form the internet only as fast as your internet provider allows.
If you download multiple files or split a file download in multiple connections, it can be faster but only if the source and your internet speed is as fast as your ethernet plus wifi.


thank you so much, I will read those links and try it out and post results.

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