Network Manager L2TP Wizard

Hello to all,

I have a VPN related problem with my Manjaro Gnome.
I have to create L2TP VPN connection to one of my clients but I can not start the Wizard from Network Manager option for L2TP.


I already reinstall all packages that I thought that should needed

  • networkmanager-l2tp
  • networkmanager-libreswan

I try with strongswan also. And its the same.
Maybe someone have a solution to this.

For workaround currently I use VB and guest OS Ubuntu. There is no problem there on Gnome

Kernel: 5.15.37-1-MANJARO
Uptime: 13 mins
Packages: 1667 (pacman)
Shell: zsh 5.8.1
Resolution: 1920x1080
DE: GNOME 42.0

Tnx in advanced :slight_smile:

make sure you have the package nm-connection-editor

Hello @steanne first of all tnx for you reply, I have this package… I reinstalled… its the same :frowning:
Any other ideas?

I realy dont understand. I install Manjaro Gnome (same version) on VB, there is no problem with NetworkManager-L2TP Wizard.

I checked the packages they are the same… :frowning:

The issue is that you are unable to edit a L2TP connection with the Gtk4 based gnome-control-center because the version of networkmanager-l2tp Manjaro ships with is too old. It needs to be networkmanager-l2tp >= 1.20.2 and configured with --with-gtk4. I guess you need to submit a bug report and request the package be updated to the latest?

As a workaround, you can use the Gtk3 based nm-connection-editor, just type nm-connection-editor on the command-line to run it.

Having edited the L2TP connect, you won’t be able to start it as the strongswan package Manjaro ships with is broken with networkmanager >= 1.36. You can use the following strongswan workaround to stop loading broken strongswan plugins :

@douglask tnx a lot for the details.

When I try to install networkmanager-l2tp I have two options, one from official repo and one from AUR.


So if I install this from AUR because is later version should be working?

You are right about nm-connection-editor (from cli), that is workaround. I manage to create L2TP VPN Connection and I connected to remote site. Tnx :+1: :fist_right:

AUR has an old networkmanager-l2tp 1.8.6, the community repo has 1.20.0, while the latest release is version 1.20.4 :

@douglask for now I will use workaround and wait an upgrade for networkmanager-l2tp :slight_smile:

Once again, tnx a lot for your time and effort.