Network manager icon missing at boot if no auto-connect wifi available

Yesterday I let the system do an automatic update. After reboot, the Network manager icon is not showing in the system tray. Where the icon should have been is a blank space. Right click on this blank space gives access to panel properties. Left click on this blank space does nothing.
The workaround is to start advanced network configuration, then select a wifi I know is within reach, edit the settings for this to enable network manager to connect to this net automatically. Now the icon shows up in the blank space, wifi connects and I can revert the auto.connect setting. (I don’t want it enabled for this network.) Well, I guess part of the problem here is that there are no wifi to connect to automatically on this location. However that has not been a problem prior to the update. Prior to the update a “not connected”-icon has shown in the blank space. Then I could click on this not connected icon to get a list of available wifis, select it and connect.

Now, imagine I’d boot the computer at a location I haven’t been connected to a wifi before…I wouldn’t have any way (using gui) to search for available wifis. I’d have to create the wifi profile manually, bring my own wifi, or go somewhere else to boot and bring the computer to this new location while it’s sleeping.

Am I alone with this issue?

A followup: I reinstalled networkmanager. The icon is still invisible after boot, but now at least the menu shows up and lists available networks when clicking on it.

2nd followup:
If I run

# killall nm-applet

the blank space disappares (length of notification tray is shrinked)
Then, if I run

#nm-applet --indicator

the icon shows up just like it should.

So maybe it’s something wrong with the way nm-applet is called at boot? Where is it called from at boot? Maybe, after update, it should be called with some other options than before, and somehow this config change did not come automatically?