Network Manager Disappeared

After all this happened:

My network manager program (Advanced Network Configuration) does not display as it did previously. Instead it looks identical to the network icon on the toolbar at the bottom of my screen. How do I get it back?

Wasn’t always like that or did i miss something?

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I think it looked like this:

from How to manually configure OpenVPN in Linux - ProtonVPN Support

I have never seen this, so it must be gnome (you other topic was about xfce i think). In the future, provide system info, write your DE in the profile and tag the topics properly (i will tag it now for you).
Back on the topic:
I cannot help with gnome, i use xfce.



Your image of the settings is Gnome on Ubuntu, because of the theme.

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Then it must be my memory. I am using XFCE but do have some Gome items installed.

I was trying to install ProtonVPN using Wiregard but it did not work. Maybe I better stop trying and just use the OVPN setup your instructions made to work.

Thank you.

I use ProtonVPN as flatpak an it works. I think i saw a topic about some issues with the aur version recently.

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It did not work for me. The flatpack version breaks my keyring every time I connect as noted
in the above link. Megavolt found a solution that works.

Since then, the CLI stopped working and the error message said to contact Proton Support. I did so and am waiting for a response, but they do not claim to understand Manjaro.

The message said:
An unknown error has occured. Please ensure that you have internet connectivity.
If the issue persists, please contact support.

Fair enough, i do not use the keyring so i have not noticed if there is a problem there.

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No, that’s GNOME Settings (gnome-control-center). Why would you have that installed if you’re using Xfce? :thinking:

Advanced Network Configuration (nm-connection-editor) looks like this:

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I have no idea. Should I uninstall what I have and install something else? Will that destroy my current connections? I am reluctant to do this as I do not know enough to be comfortable?

“Never change a running system” as they say. Just leave it as is.

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To summarize what I have found, in case someone finds it useful:

Proton does not support Manjaro but is helpful where they can be.

Megavolt created a script to help install servers using Open-VPN and Network Manager, making this way to connect more convenient if you know which server you want to use.

Proton VPN 4.x causes a conflict between keyring and kwallet which requires deleting the keyring and re-entering passwords. Proton VPN 1 does not create the problem but takes longer to load.

Installing network-manager-wireguard causes protonvpn-cli login to stop working.

Proton CLI works and you can get the fastest available server if you use protonvpn-cli c -f

Thank you to all that helped, especially to Megavolt for the script.

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