Network Manager broken in KDE?

So I’m getting these constant issues with KDE Network Manager where it will simply fail repeatedly to connect to any Wi-Fi network. Sometimes it’ll connect, while other times it will not connect at all. I have used both internal PCI-e networking card that my laptop uses which is a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485, and I’ve also tried using an Edimax N150 Adapter, doesn’t matter which device I use for Wi-Fi connectivity, both will fail to connect to the network at all most times, while some other times it’ll connect just fine.

Upon connecting to the network it stays stuck in Configuring Interface for the duration as it attempts multiple times to connect. It’ll throw one of two errors;

No secrets provided

when yes, secrets HAVE been provided, and clearly shows in the Network Manager’s security tab for the network, and secrets are CORRECT letter for letter.

or getting this error;

Wi-Fi Network could not be found

But is clearly able to SEE and SCAN networks just fine, there are no interferences or things that would disrupt Wi-Fi signal between the laptop and router. Because it’s literally on the other side of the wall which is basically paper thin plaster boards.

I’ve tried out the Edimax N150 on my main PC which is running Cinnamon Desktop and it can scan and connect to Wi-Fi just fine. But for some reason in KDE’s Network Manager it’s incapable of doing such when needed. I have attempted workarounds, and fixes just by searching the issue online, but none of it has been working, or relative to this specific issue. Perhaps on a bad kernel with bad drivers? who knows… according to uname -r the laptop is running 5.16.0-rc7-1-mainline which I don’t really recall setting it to that during update, and of course I can’t just remove it without internet connection.

Your problem is not related to KDE else everyone would face the same issue…
It is related to the software that interacts with your wifi card, eg. NetworkManager and drivers which have nothing todo with KDE…

So check the versions of those on both computers to see the diff…

Please rename your topic title to reflect your problem in relation with your kernel and driver :vulcan_salute:
KDE is just a desktop environment not a driver nor a networking software

Also, please update your kernel to a supported one. 5.16 was EOL a while ago, so please install either 5.15, 6.0 or 6.1 from the kernel module of Manjaro Settings Manager or with mhwd.

I don’t think Manjaro has ever had a kernel name mainline, so someone put that kernel on your laptop. If you don’t remember it, you might want to re-install the laptop, as you have no idea what is actually on it anymore.

You cought him using a custom kernel :rofl:

So i somehow think he is not even using Manjaro at all, who knows which distro (debian probably) :wink: