Network manager acts weird - can not connect to the vpn

This issue started precisely when I hoped on to nord vpn a couple months back. Before that everything had been really smooth with my surfshark subscription and since I always jump between distros I had never really bothered to sit on manjaro all day or even fix this.

I set up network manager to always connect to vpn when system boots up.

It does connect and connection establishes but IP address never changes. Its just active vpn connection with my local IP and it never changes to vpn’s on boot.

I would then need to disconnect and connect back to the vpn for the IP to change.

I suppose this issue is related to mishandled DNS settings.

In dns config I have cloudflare dns:


However the issue is persistent and can be observed always when I boot in to the system.

How to fix this?

This is the IPv6 equivalent of and not an cloudflare DNS address. If you don’t run a DNS resolver on your IPv6 address you should remove this address from the list of DNS servers.