Network Login required for Wired network on VMWare Guest

I installed Manjaro 20.0.3 kde Guest on VMware with Windows 10 Home as Host. I have enabled NAT for network.

On starting VM, I cannot connect to internet, although I am using LAN, I get “You need to Login to this network”. Upon clicking on Login, Firefox tries to open some strage webpage parrz…com/?
Of course, it cannot connect without network (Don’t understand what this URL is and of course, I don’t have a Login/ password). So there is no internet connectivity. I also tried to connect using “Bridged” Mode but, it does not connect at all.

The reason I think this is not a VMware problem/ Windows host but a Manjaro problem is because using same VMware and same setting, I can connect my other virtual machine Kubuntu 20.04 successfully using NAT. No Network login is required to be done.

Thankful to get any help.