Network error 2: Connection closed

When I want to download widgets or another things with plasma I can connect


PD: I install driver for my ac600 USB Wi-Fi so its working
but I think something is not ok

I’ll let you know if I find a solution for this problem, I’m having the same issue trying to download global themes, Just as a reference I’m using the 5.13.5-1 kernel version and mine are two Dell laptops (one is a E5430 and the other is a E7450)

12 here and a usb wifi

Also having the same problem on a brand new installation of Manjaro. Currently on kernel 5.13.5-1 and using a PCIe wireless adaptor (CF-AX200), though I doubt this problem is related to hardware. I have a second instalation of manjaro on a diferent HDD (same PC) in which the downloads work fine, so it is probably a network config problem.

Update: Just found this reddit post where many are saying it is a problem with the themes/widget servers. From my experience this sounds very likely :laughing: . This makes even more sense if you consider people are having this issue in the last 24h.

So good news is there is not much we need to do apart from waiting; bad news is there is not much we can do apart from waiting :confused:

oh so was that txs

Yes, in fact I’m trying to see if I can find some communication or note related to these problems from the KDE web page (