Network driver via kernel module - question regarding updates

sometimes I have trouble with the NIC drivers from the kernel.
Therefore I would try to use the r8168 drivers from the repo.
There is a different version for each kernel. linux515-r8168, linux514-… and so on.

Will this package get updated automatically when I update my kernel to the next version? Or do I have to do this manually?

There is also a DKMS version in AUR. What is the difference here? I have tried to google it, but it was not clear after that.

Best, Dominik

You’re referring to the r8169 driver? What is your network hardware?

It should be triggered to rebuild for any kernel update/upgrade.

inxi -n
Network:   Device-1: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet driver: r8169

Ok, DKMS should trigger auto-update of this package if I update the kernel.
The other packages would be a thing I have to remind myself after every kernel upgrade?

Yes, this gets updated automatically with every kernel update. The package manager knows you are using this driver, and with which kernel, and will update it accordingly.


Thanks, do you mind explaining (like I’m five) what the DKMS version is about?

Certainly. See, I too am using the r8168 driver ─ not by choice; it was installed and selected when I installed Manjaro now well over two years ago, and it has always worked fine, so I’ve never had a need to change that.

As you have noticed, there is an r8168 driver for every Manjaro kernel. They are all separate packages.

Now, the DKMS version is a different thing. DKMS stands for “dynamic kernel module support”. It is a source code package, which is automatically recompiled at boot whenever you start a different kernel. As such, it will also work if you build your own kernel ─ which is not uncommon in Arch proper, and the DKMS driver package is after all a package from the Arch User Repository.

In Manjaro, you are best off with the precompiled and kernel-specific r8168 drivers, though. For one, the system boots up faster, because it doesn’t have to recompile the driver at boot time.


Thanks for your help.

Then I will try the r8168 driver without DKMS.

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