Network Connections - why am I seeing a wired ethernet connection - and can't remove it?

My laptop with Manjaro and Kernel 6.1.12-1-MANJARO is showing two network connections.

I only run wifi on this device - (works with no issues) - but I am seeing a wired ethernet connection “lo” that shows it is connected… of course I have no ethernet cable plugged in.

I’ve tried removing that connection but as soon as it is removed - it ‘recreates’ itself and reconnects.

Not sure if it is causing any issues - doesn’t seem to affect my network usage - but it is strange.

My other laptop (with a different kernel) - does not have that “lo” wired ethernet connection

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Take a look, if you don’t want to see “lo” connection, solution is in fifth message:

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I see, thanks for providing this…

Has been asked and answered ad nauseam already. Please do a search on the forum before posting your question!