Netshare thethering hotspot setup problems

Hello guys, I have this app that I use for tethering to my phone. It uses a proxy on the computer to make the connection. I have no trouble getting fire fox to go through with it’s own separate settings for proxy. The problem is that I can’t use it with the shell or any other program to connect to the internet.

It seems related to the settings not sticking on the plasma settings configuration tool. when I go to settings> system settings> network> settings> proxy.
even when correctly populated, I can’t get the connection to work with chrome, shell or any other program that I’ve tried.

Mind that I double checked this against an installation of linux mint and on that install the configuration worked fine.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance, I am not switching my distribution I rather bring stuff on a pen drive if needed be.

When there is a difference between two seemingly identical systems - and despite that has diffent functionality - you are the only one who can locate that difference.

You need to dissect the configuration on working system - and apply the differences to the non-working system.

Then you share what you did to reproduce the working configuration onto the non-working configuration and you will have the good feeling of providing something useful to the community.

I really wish I could do that, but even though I know my way around quite well as a user, I really don’t know what are the files accessed or used by the tools I mentioned. I can install it run it and break it. Then reinstall it, seldomly I am able to fix anything from command line. My major is on public health.
I am willing to try if you give me some pointers.