Netlink error with ethtool

So I am trying to set up wake on lan but the thing is that whenever I change or even check stuff with I am getting netlink error: No such file or directory and then normal info shows up as expected e.g:

sudo ethtool enp3s0 | grep Wake-on
netlink error: No such file or directory
	Supports Wake-on: pumbg
	Wake-on: d

Is this something important? Like I am trying setting wol up for like 3 days, I followed everything from the wiki page but it not working at all, although it works fine on Windows so I know this is something with Linux.

The printed error seems to be just informal:
The mentioned bisect commit would be this one:

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ethtool is being deprecated: use nmcli instead… (cc @freggel.doe)


I could not find a mention of that - do you have a source/link?
The very arch wiki page you linked mentions ethtool itself: Wake-on-LAN - ArchWiki

it’s like fdisk: it’ll take a few years before everyone has moved onto parted, the qualifier being:

I.E. nmcli is receiving lots of development whereas ethtool is receiving none.

(and nmcli is like systemd: it does everything a bunch of tools are doing, including making :coffee: but within one single ELF) so whenever I see someone running into trouble with iw or ifconfig or ethtool, I point them to nmcli…


This is not true. ethtool is actively developed. Please check the News file in the source (or the git repository). Since it is associated with the Linux Kernel Utilities, it will released with a new Kernel. Current version is 5.8 (Not yet in Arch unfortunately).

The main disadvantage of nmcli and the reason why it will never replace any of the real network tools (ip, iw, ethtool, … ) is that it requires a running NetworkManager. It also can only edit NetworkManager connections, control the NetworkManager daemon, show some stats and not interact with the Kernel network devices.

Also I think, the systemd compression doesn’t fit. Systemd did not replaced the Linux kernel (Utilities).

nmcli is a attempt (and not the first) to bring NM to headless servers. Which will not succeed.

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Thank you for setting me straight!


Asked for this to be split off in a separate conversation so I can give you an additional Solution :innocent: