Netgear AC1200 Installation


I installed Manjaro as a dual boot on my PC some time ago, and during the setup, I found that my WiFi usb adapter NetGear 1200 did not work (it was not even detected by the PC as a network adapter).

There is a driver installation CD, but it was only available for Windows and Mac. After some researches, I found a solution that still works great to this day, but was a bit complex to find.

So the point of this post is to (hopefully) help people struggling with the same issue.

First, I still managed to connect to the internet in Manjaro by sharing my phone internet connection to the PC with USB Tethering. This made things much more convenient later on as a temporary solution to connect to the internet.
I guess connecting the PC directly to the router with an ethernet cable would work too.

First, in the pacmac-manager, AUR packages should be enabled (pacmac-manager ā†’ preferences ā†’ enable AUR).

Then :

  1. Install dkms via AUR
  2. Clone this git repository (git clone
  3. Navigate to the repository with the terminal and execute sudo dkms add ./rtl88x2bu
  4. Execute sudo dkms install rtl88x2bu/<rtl88x2bu version installed in the repo, for instance, 5.6.1>
  5. reboot

The WiFi network was detected after these steps in my case, and solved the issue. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this information!

It seemed a little over-complicated at first glance and I wondered if there was a more simple solution so I searched the Arch aur and found this:

So I tried (the AUR must be enabled):

pamac install rtl88x2bu-dkms-git

And rebooted. I had to unplug the wireless adapter during shutdown but after rebooting everything seems to be working fine now (Iā€™m using 5GHz and have not tried the 2.4GHz yet).