Net speed meter app

I’m looking for a simple graphical widget or toolbar that shows network activity–upload & download.
Something similar to Net speed meter for windows.
I am using Manjaro Gnome


The Vitals exenstion does that (along with a bunch of other things). I think it only shows download by default, but you can easily set it to show upload too.

will try

bro can you tell me how to enable it for upload speed too?

It shows how to enable sensors on the Github page. Click on the shell extension to get a list, open up the category you want (Network), and then click on the sensor that you want (probably Device tx, but it might be different depending on your network card).

it worked

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Since you’re using GNOME, you can search for an applicable GNOME Shell Extension to suit your needs. There are quite a few. As mentioned, Vitals is possibly one of them.

Please see:

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