Nervous about taking 2 risks: new tech & posting here

k, the new tech was a Xmas gift from son, in lieu of a visit during covid: the pinephone64, manjaro CE-convergence package, to replace my dying android. He ordered it Nov21 'cuz he knew I truly wanted a true-linux, privacy-oriented phone, as while he’s a millenial, waspy male and devoted to g-suite/Android/MS/ecommerce due to his work, he doesn’t have to worry about being trolled. I, OTOH, do suffer from sexism, agism, and ableism. That old joke, “so simple your mother could do it”? How derogatory of older women. I’m an old Linux queen and Windows refugee since 2006, so whom did my son call for tech support? Mom. I’ve been building & rebuilding PCs since the 90s, including his during his teens - although he has become self-sufficient lately. (I was so proud 2-4 years ago when he told me he’d learned to defrag his sata drive.) Because the pine was a gift, I’m not about to ship it back to Hong Kong; I’m determined to make it work.

But due to the prejudices, I have not posted anywhere since 2010. I’ve been a ghost. Only read; don’t post. That’s hard. So I’m taking a real risk here in revealing my age and gender in y username, hoping my bros will respectfully help instead of harassing me, tell me to buy a new whatever, assuming I’m stupid, complaining that I don’t give enough info - or worse: I’m too verbose “too long; not read”. Sorry: I hate it, too, when others give 1-line answers to complex or multiple questions, expect me to interpret, and then complain when I do…

I got my pine Dec22, slipped in my sim and all ok. I could call my son to thank him for my gifts, relieving him of his anxieties as to my pre-holiday receipt of same. First update broke it. Learned a lot about flashing new images, the difficulties re sim, and i’m currently using a second install of manjaro-arm-phosh-pinephone-beta4.img ('cuz that first update broke it again over New Years. Updating is solved now.)

Current problems are myriad, but the most pressing appears to be how lollypop broke the shell. Nemo keeps flashing this error, telling me it can’t find /home/manjaro/-default, which I can’t find 'cuz it keeps flashing/interrupting me every second -or less. I even got another lollypop error recently =- even though lollypop was removed yesterday. Other removed a/v apps like vlc keep reappearing, too, after de-installation.

Please help. Can anyone tell me where /home/manjaro/-default is, with a CLI command I can give to the system to resolve the issue? My mental energy for this is waning. Perhaps then I can solve other problems like importing contacts, bluetooth, headphones, etc.