Nero Linux 4 no device detected

Installed nero using pamac with the aur nero linux 4.
When starting it searches for devices and does not find my 2 dvd burners. Xfburn works and has both burners detected. I need nero for cd-text and overburn.

A google search finds this old post:

For nerolinux you need

MODULES=( sg )

in rc.conf. Some updates ago the sg module wasn’t auto loaded anymore and nero needs it.

Do you think I have to add ```
MODULES=( sg )

Thanks from a new majaro user

Cannae help you much with your Nero 4 Linux request, but strongly recommend k3b for both CD-text and overburn.

try this:

Note: running with sudo does not work
su root and give root password
echo sg > /etc/modules-load.d/sg.conf

to load that module
if it is not auto loaded
you should add a file to the /etc/modules-load.d/ directory
the name of it is not important - choose as you wish
just have it in the format of:
a descriptive name is probably good for remembering later what it was for …

the content of that file should be:

or - for testing
just load the module:
sudo modprobe sg

once these burners are working and are being detected
the necessary modules will already have been loaded
and if your software then still fails to work … I have no idea but to refer you to k3b, perhaps

Is the module loaded?
check with:
lsmod | grep sg

or you have some permission problem
with the program being perhaps not being able and allowed to access the drives
when you use the program not as root

check the documentation on how to set it up in that case

successful overburning depends on the media and on the drive - it is not a supported (reliably) feature …

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A big thanks, adding the file to /etc/modules-load.d/ did the trick. Nero now detects my burners. :grinning:
I was not aware that k3b was capable of overburn and cd-text.
Once again thanks for all the quick replies.

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