Neovim breaking changes since last update

Updating neovim from 0.5.0-1 to 0.5.1-1 in this update causes issues with nvim for me resulting in

# vim.schedule lua callback: /usr/local/share/nvim/runtime/lua/vim/uri.lua:116: attempt to index local 'uri' (a nil value)

When opening nvim on any file type and again editing any file type.
You have to be using native lsp in nvim to see the issue.
downgrading back to 0.5.0 solves the issue for me.

Perhaps the version in the repos should stay at 0.5.0? Which is the latest stable version of nvim I believe.

Latest stable version of neovim is 0.5.1.

It has a couple of breaking changes so you should see if you are affected by that.

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Can you confirm that you’re affected by the breaking changes so we can update the wiki post, please?