NeoGeo Emulators on Manjaro!

Hey y’all from support, a little question, I have a very old CD with MAME GUI (for windows) and ROM’s of NeoGeo and other’s (don’t quite recall where i get it, i think was a friend that gave me that CD, it’s original tho maybe from a magazine…), I wanna play those games on Manjaro, could you guys recommend me a good emulator for NeoGeo?
RetroArch flatpak maybe? I tought RetroArch was a distro but i see it as a flatpak on Software Manager, how it works exactly?

mame is in the repos.

See also Video game platform emulators - ArchWiki

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Tried mame but gives an error on majority of roms i tried to run! Only a few roms worked…

Thanks for the help, I checked the article and gonna try some of them!

Theres no way to speak to every ROM you have.

If they work well, are compatible with modern MAME and you have the required dependencies… then … they should work.

Not all ROMs are for MAME though … maybe you are unsure of their format? There are dedicated neogeo emulators as well… and for SNES and so on.

In all of that though, yes, you should make use of the wiki link.

Thanks for the help, already consulted the link, gonna try a couple of emulatores, see one that meet my needs!

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