Nemo - No Templates Found

I’ve recently noticed that my right click option in Nemo to “Create New Document” shows a greyed out “No templates installed”.

This has been working fine for a while, but there’s been a big update flurry lately.

My Templates are under a symlink that goes to a cloud synchronised folder that’s located elsewhere (so I can share my templates across my various machines and installs). In order to rule that out as causing some weirdness I tried removing it and manually copying the content over to a new Templates directory but that didn’t work either.

Does the “Templates” directory work purely by the virtue that it’s a directory in Home called “Templates” or is there a defined variable that makes it behave in a certain way, perhaps?

What does xdg say?

systemctl --user status xdg-user-dirs-update
xdg-user-dir TEMPLATES
cat ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs
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Can’t reproduce.


That’s it!

Thanks @cscs


Looks like my templates and downloads directory paths are shot.

I suspect that this was updated at some point when I shifted the Downloads path (as that moved) - Quite why Templates got hosed at the same time I know not, but it would explain things.

I edited the config/user-dirs.dirs file and now all is well.

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