Nemo ignoring "Arrange items" setting

Not sure since when but Nemo (Manjaro Cinnamon 20.1) suddenly ignores the value set for “Arrange items” in “List View” and always uses “Date Modified”. The value is ok in dconf editor and I can change it there without a problem but no matter what I set, Nemo ignores it.

My laptop with the same setup doesn’t have the problem and what’s funny: just to test it, I installed caja and that does the exact same thing out of the box. Deleting Caches or /tmp didn’t help.

Any ideas?

I don’t have an answer for you, but I just tested it on my machine (I also run Cinnamon), and it seems to work fine here.

Thanks. It works fine on my other Manjaro Cinnamon machine too. I could probably reinstall but I’d rather understand what’s happening or where I could turn cogs to try to find the cause of the problem.

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I had this issue once on mint cinnamon and I’m sure it was something to do with ownership/permission of the folders. I think if I remember correctly I had given it root permission only so only root could change the default order. Might be something worth checking

I just compared the permissions to the machine where it works - I don’t see any differences. It’d be interesting where the dconf files are located. I haven’t been able to find much about that topic on ddg. I just noticed that when I change the setting, ~/.config/dconf/user is being touched and the setting is really changed. It’s just that Nemo doesn’t seem to read it.

Okay I just had a brilliant inspiration: why don’t I post this to the Linux Mint forum where Cinnamon comes from? :man_facepalming: Turns out this has happened before, even though the solution in the post does not work for me.

Just posting this so it’s documented. Sorry for the late discernment.

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