Nemo-compare & Diffuse

I have installed the Nemo extension nemo-compare from the beginning. Since update to Cinnamon 5 this extension is bundled with a software named Diffuse. I used to use Meld instead. I don’t like Difffuse at all, and it registers itself for different MIME types, which is totally useless. But I can’t uninstall it without also removing nemo-compare. The original version on Mint is preconfigured for Meld. Not sure if it is bundled (I have Meld already installed on my Mint-VM), but Meld can be removed separatly from nemo-compare.
Please remove Diffuse from future versions of nemo-compare! It cannot be that I am forced to install a software that I don’t need and don’t want.
My workaround is to install the AUR version of nemo-compare, which comes wihout extra software. But now the Update Manager shows the official version as an update, so I added nemo-compare to the ignore list.
An alternative way may be to remove the MIME types from the .desktop file, but is there a better way, did I miss something? Maybe to avoid that a version from official repo is treated as an update for an AUR version?

If you want to try manjaros nemo-compare without diffuse, remove it without checking dependendies:

$ sudo pacman -Rdd diffuse

An update of nemo-compare package and unchanged dependencies will install it again though.


Good hint, thanks. I’ll try it.

Thanks again, it worked. I just saw that nemo-compare isn’t in AUR anymore, except the git version. So your hint is a good solution until Diffuse will hopefully excluded from packaging.

If you pay me accordingly, I’ll do it especially for you.

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