Neither ethernet nor wifi is working after dual booting

Dear all,

I recently installed Manjaro on my new computer and afterwards I decided to dual boot Windows 10. While installing Windows did not result in any issues I noticed that wifi was no longer working on Manjaro.

The weird part is that ethernet still worked that day but failed to do so the next day. So now I have no internet whatsoever apart from a tether.

After this I reinstalled Manjaro but to no avail as internet still does not work at all. Could you please assist me with solving this issue? I have attached the output of inxi -Fxx below and also used rfkill as was recommended by another user.

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Hello and welcome,

Edited the OP to properly show the attached image.

Please make sure Windows has disabled this features disabled:

  • hybrid sleep
  • fast startup
  • hibernation completely

You should have at least the Lan working, then you can deal with wifi driver after that, but firstyou have internet connection over Lan, make sure to update the system:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Download the Wi-Fi 6 AX200 from Intel as file iwlwifi_xxxxx.tgz and copy the extracted file in the /usr/lib/firmware folder then reboot the system.

Kernel 5.6 is EOL, switch to a different kernel too.


can you confirm , that on USB iso manjaro ( Live )
ethernet or wifi is working ?

Dear stephane,

Unfortunately the same issue exists on usb.

I hope this was helpful!

Dear bogdan,

Thanks a lot for the detailed response!
I will make sure to follow these steps and keep you updated.

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theses motherboard are too recent
version kernel linux58 is started in Stable ,
but always missing new drivers ethernets and wifi , in some case require also linux firmware

so you have updated from microsoft drivers that after cant use

you should check in journal USB iso
( sudo journalctl -b0 )

may be add some acpi tests

Dear all,

After following Bogdan’s steps both ethernet and wifi are working fine now.

My thanks to both Bogdan and Stephane for their quick and precise assistance!

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