Needing wpa_supplicant-openssl1 from AUR ... unable to find it

Hi, in order to solve a problem logging in through eap-mschapv2 i need the version mentioned above.
One of our members has solved this particular problem by downloading this version from AUR.

However, I can’t find it no longer.

Anyone has an alternative perhaps?


Cheers - Frank

IIRC, they made official packages for the older openssl version(s), so you might want to check the normal repos for openssl version(s).

Example: Arch Linux - openssl-1.1 1.1.1.s-4 (x86_64) Which should be avilable on Manjaro’s own repos also…

Oh wait you want an openssl1 version of wpa_supplicant :woman_facepalming:

I would in that case suggest: