Needing Help with To Get to Login Screen

Hey Everyone!

I am in desperate need of your help! My goal is to get to the login screen for Manjaro. When trying to boot up Manjaro from dualbooting with Windows I end up being unsuccessful, and I am not sure what is going on or how to fix it! I have access to the GRUB command line if that matters.
If I knew how to post videos here I would do so as I think that would demonstrate my problem easier than telling you. If anyone is willing to help out I would be eternally grateful!


Neither are we. :man_shrugging:

We do not like videos in giving support ! :see_no_evil:
Please stay with writing text :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Okay I will be sure to do so. So I am going to list what happens in an attempt for others to understand what is going on. Please bear with me on this.

  1. After I turn on the computer I press f2 to access the BIOS setting. Once I have access to the BIOS settings I switch the main drivers from Windows 10 to Manjaro. After that I save & exit.
  2. From there I am given the options to select the following: Manjaro Linux, Advanced options for Manjaro Linux, Windows Boot Manager (on /dev/sdb2), UEFI Frimware Settings. I can also press E = Edit Boot Options and press C = GRUB Commandline
  3. Since I just want to access Manjaro I select that option, but whenever I do so the screen seems to just go black.

What can I do to address this issue?

:innocent: Please open and read the post from @Aragorn :point_up_2:

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