Need to regress plex-media-server version

Hi everyone,

I moved my plexmediaserver installation from Mint to Manjaro and everything was fine until yesterday when plex had a bit of a crash and burn :frowning:

It looks like I might need to wind back the plexmediaserver version to one that will play nicely with the add-ons that I insist on using, but it seems there may be issues.

Apparently Plex don’t give access to anything but the latest version of their software, although there may be ways to download .deb and .rpm files with a bit of trying. On Manjaro I had to install plexmediaserver from the command line using yay - it installs via Snap but then can’t see any of my drives in a USB3 caddy, which is less than helpful.

Would be very happy to receive any advice on how to install previous plexmediaserver versions!

Have you tried plex-media-server from AUR?