Need sugestions for partition scheme

Hi, guys. Few weeks ago I had to bought a new laptop.
It has 16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD.
As I did with my old laptop I created:

1. Boot: 512 MB
2. Root: 150 GB
3. Swap: 8 GB
4. Home: the rest of memory left

But everything in the SSD, didn’t have enough time at store to use the HDD.
It works fine but I’ve been reading about partition scheme and SSD write limitation
So now I have a doubt if I should reinstall, what partition scheme could I use and where to create the Swap and Home partitions (SSD or HDD).
Hope anyone can help me with this one.

Here’s some inspiration.

Unless you may put your system to hibernation, you can do without Swap.

Thanks @maycne.sonahoz! It helped me to understand partition scheme a little better.
I set it like this:
-Boot: 512 MB
-Root: 200 GB
On 1 TB HDD:
-Swap: 8 GB
-Home: the rest