Need some help installing OpenTabletDriver

Following this guide I got up until I needed to build Dotnet-host-bin which immediately gave me an error ; target not found: dotnet-host-bin

I was doing this with the KDE package manager but afterwards I tried with yay and it gave me the same error. Any ideas?

Try to build and install dotnet-host-bin first and see if that works.

pamac build dotnet-host-bin

If you’re having building issues, please try to give us the whole output, would help :slight_smile:

Also, please put ``` before and after your output so that we can read it easier.

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In addition to the above, you will also have to build dotnet-sdk-bin version 5 or dotnet-sdk-preview version 6 and chose the version 5 binary … then build/install the opentabletdriver-git package.