Need some advice for kernel/desktop restore prior to switching to 5.11 experimental build

Already altered my grub file to ensure the grub menu appears (as I’m not an expert shell user, I can understand the syntax but don’t remember all the common commands). Is there any other preparations I should do to prevent myself from having to reinstall manjaro to get my desktop back (assuming I lose it)?

As long as you have a recent backup you can always use a live usb with timeshift to restore. So my advice is always do a backup first and have a upto date live usb

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ty, forgot about that, was only planning to backup my cfg since my data is kept on another drive anyway but a full backup shouldn’t be an issue

If you only add the kernel (and keep the other ones) and you can access GRUB you should be save.
In case of issues with the new kernel, you can just boot the other one…

Nevertheless for sure you should have backups (even if don’t play around).

Knowing that I should and being patient enough to actually do it are 2 different things and unfortunately I’m incredibly lazy, to the point I had to change my setup from a sitting based one to a standing based one just to burn even a few calories

I sympathize, I have sitting/standing electric desk too.

But in your case you should not be switching to Release Candidate, unstable kernel, you asking yourself for trouble.

Only reason I want to is for the new feature that wine/proton will utlise to shut up the anti-cheat stuff that’s the probable cause for why FFXV won’t boot for me

Welp, been long enough for any missed advice to be given so I’m just gonna do my backup then switch and reboot, if I don’t make another response in the next few hours (dunno how long the backup will take) then you know the new kernel failed for me

No issues with the kernel as yet, tried booting FFXV but still no go :|, might just finish the new setup for my consoles and boot up the PS4, at least I can play v1.0 with all the glorious glitches there :slight_smile: