Need reset computer to get video signal on first boot

Hello everyone,

My system behaves strangely during the first boot of the day:

when I start it I get no video signal on all my three displays. Everything else seems to work. When I press the reset button, I get a signal and can log in normally.

I’m sure I’ll get an answer in the logs, but I don’t know exactly what to look for.

Does anyone have any tips?


That sounds like a hardware problem. It is possible that your graphics adapter isn’t getting enough power upon a cold boot, which would indicate a failure on one of the rails in the power supply.

That’s what I thought at the beginning, but I didn’t have the problem before with Manjaro Cinnamon and at the beginning with Manjaro Gnome.

I have the feeling that it could be due to an update or a mistake on my part. But I don’t know exactly what the trigger could be

Well, there’s always a point in time for hardware failure, unless it was already broken from when the machine was built, and power supplies are a known point of failure. :man_shrugging:

Some time ago my 2nd seat changed to the following behavior:
After booting the screen is dark. After a while I found out that I could log in without any problems despite the black screen by simply typing the password and then return. When switching from the login manager to the desktop, the graphics card is probably reinitialized.
Maybe you could try that. (At least it’s easier than a reboot)

I forgot to mention that I get a video signal at post and I see the boot splash, but on login I have no signal anymore.

So I think this is something software related

have you checked in log ,

sudo journalctl -b0

Did you merge your .pacnew files? There was a .pacnew for mkinitcpio.conf, which included the kms and microcode hooks.

It is imperative that you maintain your system.

Guys, thanks for the replies, but i think some update i did fixed the issue itself :smiley:

maybe some hickup from the latest bigger Manjaro Release upgrade or so.

thanks for your time!

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