Need linux audio driver that supports Conexant CX20672-21Z audio

I just recently installed Manjaro on my old laptop (which is Dell Inspiron 7520 15R SE) as it was becoming painfully slow to use with Windows. It has given my aging laptop a new lease of life and things snappy and usable again. However, everything except my speakers work. I checked on alsa and doesn’t seem to be detected. Even inxi -A returns only my headphone jack as the only audio device in my laptop. I tried finding what audio drivers I need and on Windows it went by the Conexant CX20672-21Z audio driver. So I started looking for it but it seems the OEM drivers are only available for windows which is unfortunate. Then I read about linuxant drivers which provide support for some Conexant audio drivers but I don’t know if it supports mine, moreover there was no AUR package for it, only .deb/.rpm packages were there so I don’t know what else to do know.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

It is difficult to have an opinion - try reading about the base sound config on an arch based system

Depending on the desktop you are using there maybe other steps needed e.g. pipewire vs pulseaudio - especially when using KDE.

The last Linuxant driver was released in 2010 to patch a problem with kernel v2.6.24
Linuxant - Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets

Please post system information

inxi -Fazy

Response should show that the audio codec is using snd_hda_intel driver

Please also post ALSA information

sudo --upload

to show if the audio codec is correctly configured and detected