Need info for a multi boot system

I have Windows, Debian, MX linux, and for the third time I would like to keep Manjaro but it always losses grub menu and if I try to boot it from another distro it goes onto kernel panic ; all of OS’s are in individual hard drives and I read some where to make the drive with Manjaro the default startup drive , which I will do , are there other things that I can do to keep Manjaro for more than a week

My suggestion is to skip grub to select between os

  • Boot your other Linux
    • For each of them
    • Disable grub osprober in /etc/default/grub
    • Run grub-mkconfig to rebuild your grub.cfg
  • Disconnect the disks with the other systems.
  • Install Manjaro to the remaining disk.

Use your firmware’s boot-override key e.g. F12 to select which OS to start.

I could not find os prober in debian ( is in var I think ) but I read some other comments and decided to remove os-prober on both Debian 11 and MX 19.04 ; I hope this is enough, but if there are more suggestions I’ll be glad to take them , really would like to keep Manjaro but it has to be stable