Need help with Gnome customization

I can’t figure out gnome customization. Just changing colors is so messed up compare to KDE… But I really like Gnome and would like to learn how to customize it.

Basically I’m interested in:
How do I change shell highligh color(extension Custom Accent Colors is terrible, color selection is too small).
How do I change colors in apps(flatpack included).
How do I change highlight color on loginscreen.
How do I set same theme and color scheme for applications such as Dolphin(file manager), so that my KDE apps that I use on Gnome won’t stand out so much?


Besides the Custom Accent Colors extension, another option is Gradience. The color possibilities are endless. GNOME Shell theming support is coming soon. :tm:

What colors? Either use a custom Gtk theme and/or set the accent color as is already mentioned.

As far as matching the theme for Flatpak applications, the easiest way is to open Gradience or the Custom Accent Color extension settings and toggle the options on.

gnome-shell-maia provides the Maia color, gnome-shell provides blue. Custom Accent Colors is the only other current working alternative.

That’s a Qt application. You can use qt5ct and qt6ct (Qt Configuration Utilities) with kvantum or qgnomeplatform-qt5 & qgnomeplatform-qt6 (only works with Adwaita or similar themes).

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Gradience is cool, but it isn’t working with Quick Menu in Gnome. At least I’m noticing that it’s applies only to the aps.
Custom Accent Colors doesnt change highlight color on the login screen. When I select my profile to enter the password - it’s still highlights blue.


Oh, sorry. That last sentence wasn’t supposed to be there. :man_facepalming:

So… There are no solutions for this at the moment?
I mean I can change quick menu colors with Custom Accent Colors, but selection is very small, so It’s not the best.

No. The only way to change the accent on the login screen (GDM) is to recompile GNOME Shell specifying the colors–which we did with gnome-shell-maia.

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