Need help with crontab


I need help… yes sry. the start, but I can’t see how to do it.
I know crontab and know I can add something like

0 10 * * * root /etc/systemd/shutdown -r now

And then my linux will restart every day at 10.

But I can’t see how Manjaro is using crontab, and I can’t see how I make the same “restart” in cronie without making a lot of .sh files and so on.
Have looked at “kshutdown” but here I can only restart once and not daily at 10.

Can someone try to learn an old fox, how to make a simple daily restart at 10, like on crontab? :slight_smile: THX alot.

I have never used the crontab in Manjaro but I use it in Debian on my RPi. I don’t think you need the /etc/systemd/ just shutdown -r now should suffice.

I usually use roots crontab sudo crontab -e

yes, but that file is totally empty, no info at all.
And if I add my schedule “code” to the file and save/restart, it’s not working like in debian or rashbian…

Just putting this here.

What command did you add that didn’t work? I don’t think /etc/systemd/shutdown -r now exists as a path. Just use shutdown -r now

which shutdown gives /usr/bin/shutdown

sry did not /systemd/ but /etc/sbin/shutdown… but I will just try “shutdown -r now”

But can you confirm that “crontab -e” will just open an empty file?

It does on mine, it opens in vi which I don’t know how to use so I did:

export VISUAL=nano; crontab -e