Need help with ckb-next to configure Corsair K95 RGB keyboard on Manjaro KDE

Hi, I just purchased a very expensive Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard for its Cherry MX Blue switches. The keyboard has fantastic tactile feedback, which is what I needed.

But I have run into a major problem: the colours on the keys of the keyboard keep constantly changing - which directly runs into a medical condition I have (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). My eyes and my brain badly need the colour on the keyboard keys to be static (single, uniform colour) and locked (not constantly changing). This is possible on Windows with Corsair’s iCUE software, and is supposedly possible on Linux too with an application called ckb-next. I installed ckb-next from AUR but that leads me to the bizarre situation that ckb-next, on application startup, reports “No devices connected”.

How do I get ckb-next to recognize my Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard ?

Thanks for any tips,
Manish Jain

Unfortunately, it is the Platinum XT version. Luckily, I managed to hook the keyboard to iCUE on Windows 10 and replaced the onboard profile (in the keyboard firmware) with a static colour. The keyboard now works as per my needs on Linux. Thanks for the reply, Manish Jain.