Need help to install a native Linux RTS Game, Beyond all Reason

Hello guys,
I could need help to install this Open Source/RTS Game:, there is Flatpack or Appimage available.

I never installed a Linux game, besides a native Linux Game inside Steam. But this game is not available in Steam.

Which package should i choose? Is there something recommended for Manjaro? Maybe performance wise? Do i have to use some Terminal command’s?

I’m a total Linux gaming noob, so all little details are welcomed :blush:

It is in AUR. So in the terminal, you can type pamac build beyondallreason-bin and it’ll install.

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So it doesn’t make sense to install it from the official website?

Whatever you prefer actually. AUR really might work out better. But generally you don’t need to install software from official sites on Linux and rather use Flatpak/Repo packages or AUR in case of Arch/Manjaro. This way things could be auto updated.

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I’m not sure about AUR Maintainer’s. I still have no clue, if some container’s could have a malicious virus or wrong dependencies?

I primary trust the official repo stuff from manjaro and don’t you think its a safer way to use the flatpak from the official website instead the AUR?

What is recommend to install, this Flatpak or the Appimage?

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You always should read PKGBUILD file to check which source it uses and what it does, but tbh problems occure very rarely. In this case it just downloads official AppImage and installs it system-wide.

I’d go with Flatpak just because it’s easier to update. Pamac has a support for Flatpaks so you could use it to install this package.

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I’m installed the game in Windows already and this game has a Launcher for Autoupdating anyways.

I don’t think AUR/Autoupdates in this case atleast, isn’t much improvement.

Could you lead me to the progress to Install this game as Flatpak?

If you still dont understand how to manage software in manjaro then you should definitely see all of this:


That would defeat the purpose then, wouldn’t it? :wink:

I’m not into this guides, even when i double read that stuff… i always have a feeling that i getting lost :sweat_smile:

I just activated Flatpak support in Pacman (GUI) but i can’t find this game when i search under Flatpak.
And your Guide showed only to install Discover (for KDE) but ignored Pacman.

Err Pacman is GUI and Pamac is CLI right? I hope i don’t make mistakes here :sweat_smile:

But when i type in Terminal flatpak search beyond all reason, the game is showed up.
In Pacmansearch GUI is no Pakage found. But i just activate Flatpak under Propertys from Pacman.

And libpamac-flatpak-plugin is already installed.

Maybe restart the application once

pacman only has cli and it was build by arch. pamac was built by manjaro it has a cli and a gui

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Yeah a simple pamac restart was the key, it finally showed up :crazy_face:

Is there a way to change the download location?
Where its going to download per default?