Need help locating "aarch64" version of Timeshift app

I am using Manjaro KDE on a Raspberry Pi 4b. I activated AUR to download Timeshift which is my favorite app for making restore points. The error message I get after an install attempt is shown below:

ERROR: timeshift is not available for the “aarch64” architecture.

My thinking is if it shows up in AUR as a download should not that mean it’s compatible with my Pi4b board? Can anyone out there please help me locate a version of the Timeshift app that is compatible with my Pi4b board? Is there something similar to an AUR type of repository that only contains Raspberry Pi aarch64 apps? Also there was a lot of files shown being installed for something that failed to fully install. How do I erase this failed install attempt?

AUR is a repository of user maintained packages, it doesn’t require that the packages be multi-arch supporting. However, in my experience, many simply need the right architecture added to the ARCH line in the PKGBUILD file.

I dont use timeshift myself, but I just successfully built it on my pinebook pro which is also aarch64.

Basically after you select it in the GUI, you need to choose “Edit build files” and add ‘aarch64’ to the ARCH line in that file. I have another post on these forums on how to do that in detail, but for whatever reason I can no longer post links in these forums… :man_shrugging:

Having said all of that, when I built it “successfully” on my pinebook pro, launching the gui complains about missing dependencies (crontab)

I suggest you update the pkgbuild files with the aarch64 and try on your rpi and if it has issues, then work with the developers of timeshift and the AUR package maintainer on the dependencies. (The link for the AUR package is shown in the package manager.

Thank you for the post. I have not implemented the steps yet. However, I’m curious to know if you can recommend a good alternative to Timeshift that will work in my situation. Thnx

I really dont know anything about timeshift and I dont own a rpi, so I’m not sure I’m the best person to advise.

For my personal situation, I have 5 laptops in the house, 1 sbc, and 5 remote family members I maintain backups for. Here is how I do it:

  • For my Pinebook Pro and my GL504G, I use Duplicati to backup to my local server
  • For my sbc (RockPro64 / Openmediavault) I use a combination of dd to backup the SD card once in awhile (about monthly – manual – after major updates), and rsync+duplicati to then take that dd image (infrequent) and rsync (daily) and then again, use duplicati to an offsite location.
  • For my windows backups (local and remote family members) I also use duplicati to my server via sftp

I keep playing with other backup options as there are many for linux, but I keep getting drawn back to duplicati because of one thing: a website called duplicati-montioring (if you search, you’ll find it).

I send backup reports to it, and it spits out (daily) a backup report for all my devices and my family’s devices that I maintain the backups for. I havent found a solution use borg or fsarchiver or others that fill this monitoring gap.

Search the forums though, there are many backup topics here.

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