Need help in installing wine 9.7

im trying to update wine to 9.7 but i cant seem to update past 9.3. ive tried all the tutorials but im stumped. please help!

If you are on Stable branch the current version in the repos is 9.3-1

Maybe you could be more explanatory about what you need, your current state, and what you are trying to do?

If you are unfamiliar with the branches then you can see this:

Switching Branches - Manjaro

I should also note that you should not be ‘trying to update’ singular packages.

You should be upgrading the whole set of packages all at once - otherwise its a partial upgrade that is equal to broken.

Another thing to note is the Arch User Repository. You may have access to, and choose to use the AUR to, install packages outside the repos utilizing user-contributed build scripts.

There are numerous caveats to using it, including that it is made for Arch and so only the Unstable Branch of Manjaro is closely compatible. The AUR also assumes you have certain prerequisites installed and will not list them in package dependencies.

To see more about the AUR here is the wiki:


Also attached here is a guide for things like formatting output to share, etc


I ended up building wine up from GitHub. I specifically needed the 9.7 ver. That was released yesterday. I’m trying to get on1 photo raw editor to launch, so I’m working with wine devs to figure it out.

just unziped the tar.xz, went into the wine 9.7 directory and used the ./configure steps

Generally speaking we would prefer using packages - even if they were built manually.

Thats what a PKGBUILD would do - and you could find examples, such as wine-git in the AUR.

That said nothing is exactly stopping you from doing a regular source build.

The instructions for that vary with the project, so in those cases it is best to consult the documentation.

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I’ll look into that for next time. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it

you can simply download the appropriate package from the pkgs website

Whatever is … I dont know that it should be suggested as a package source.

Furthermore you linked specifically to its supposed mirror of the ‘chaotic-AUR’.

So thats doubly not a good idea.

Even if you were to use the chaotic AUR … why involve a middle-man?

Some third-party site with advertisements and ‘premium’ that is not related to your OS and its stewards in any way? Seems like asking for malware.

That is not appropriate. wine =/= wine-wow64.

:warning: The Chaotic AUR blindly builds AUR packages via CI and calls it packaging. I do not recommend it. Neither the AUR nor third-party repos are officially supported by Arch or Manjaro.

I don’t know anything about purchasing “premium” on this site and advertising, but I use it quite often as a search engine for package databases. It gives a direct link to download the package directly from the mirror.
P.S:There may be advertising on this site, but I don’t see it because it is blocked

Yes, you are right, this is not the same thing, but it can act as a replacement. I usually suggest solutions that can act as a workaround, although this may not be the best idea if the user doesn’t know what they are doing.

Fair enough. Just be sure to mention that you are. :wink: