Need help changing DPI or scaling since text is out of bounds

This is what my sddm login screen and other windows look like, seems to be PPI/DPI/scaling issue, any help? I’m on unstable.

And notepadqq:

Also the Kernel System Settings:

Sorry can’t include links or attachments for now so I have to paste like this. Just remove the link spaces to view them.

go to system settings/fonts and play with the force font dpi

Fine, when I click on
Settings → Appearance → Fonts → Force font DPI:

There appears the message on top:
The recommended way to scale the user interface is using the global screen scaling feature.

However doesn’t allow to get below 100%…

ignore the message, change the dpi of the fonts in the fonts section

Fine, but this is related to KDE/Plasma, Qt or SDDM?

to all fonts

But do I use the Force font DPI or Adjust All Fonts
Anti-Aliasing is enabled, may be related?

force font dpi and anti aliasing should be enabled, its not related to the size of fonts, without it your fonts would be ugly

It worked setting a lower value in Force font DPI, however that only fixes software in KDE/Plasma, the SDDM login screen still looks the same.

to what size did you set your dpi?
you dont use the default sddm, switch to breath or breeze and see

The dpi was set to 80. Switched to Breeze and now works fine.

I’ve noticed that qt5ct is not preinstalled by Manjaro, only qtconfig-qt4. Is this intended to be like this?
Note that qt5ct would suggest to add QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct to /etc/environment

Maybe I don’t need to change that and don’t install qt5ct?

yes its not preinstalled by default, i dont think you need it …

That is needed only on non Qt Desktop … Like Gnome, XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate … etc. KDE Plasma has the Settings > Appearance to deal with Qt Widgets and Style …

If by chance you are running wayland session then you can make use of

export GDK_DPI_SCALE=1
export XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland

either in environment variable or your .profile or .bash_profile

For SDDM use HiDPI login screen - #2 by cscs

Also, according to your screenshot, you are using the legacy SDDM theme, please either use the Breath one or Breeze one.

I think I’m on x11 not wayland, I’m using the defualt Manjaro values:


Change the SDDM theme to Breeze and now the login screen looks fine.

However if I disable Force font DPI text keeps being too big, if I set it to 96 then it looks fine. Isn’t 96 the default value already?
How can I check that my default font dpi is not messed up? I made the Manjaro install some time ago so looks like some configuration file is not right.
This is the value with both Force font DPI disabled or set to 96:

$ xdpyinfo | grep resolution
  resolution:    128x130 dots per inch

Looks like this bug:

It’s a KDE/Plasma issue, has been reported upstream:

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